Hyundai, Tesla, Nikola and other legacy manufacturers grapple for pole position in a race for dominance in zero-emissions trucks. Battery powered vehicles has gain a significant market share in recent years. Hydrogen fuel cells are vehicles are making a large impact in the commercial…
Car manufacturers have invested a lot in racing. There are two reasons for that. The first is marketing and the second is Technology developments . The racing environment is very demanding and it acts as a test ground to performance and endurance.  Although the…
The recent power outage in Texas was caused by extreme weather freezing the state’s electric and gas systems. Such weather is fuelled by climate change and part of the ‘new normal’ which the U.S. will need to adjust to, writes Stem CEO John Carrington….

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A $1.2 billion "green steel" plant using #hydrogen is planned in Spain, the first of its kind to be built on a large scale, all with renewable energy #greenhydrogen

How #hydrogen can help Europe reach its #NetZero goals? #wasserstoff

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